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02 February 2012


Dylan Lancaster

Hi. I like this very much. I like your style of writing and am agreement with what you have said.

Aboc Zed

I agree with Dylan above. Good post and good thinking. I often have thought along those lines myself. The problem is the ruthless psychos are "better" equipped to climb atop of the pecking order pyramid. While the fellow co-operators spend time and energy thinking about others and how life can be made better for all those guys and girls (yes I met girls who are like that :) waste no time to go up so that their selfish ways are supported by layers of homo sapiens sapiens under them. It is high time for co-operators really organize and take their ways to the top; that is to _become_ the top. It, of course, will happen eventually but we want it sooner rather than later.

By the way your Russian phrase does not sound completely Russian: "заключенных" should be "по заключению"; the meaning changes and reflects English better: "товарищ заключенных" means "comrade of prisoners" so you get "love to comrade (friend) of prisoners” instead of "fellow prisoner"; "товарищ по заключению" means "someone who shares imprisonment with me" analogous to "brothers in arms"

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Thank you Aboc, I stand corrected on my fledgling Russian.

Regarding co-operators getting organised, we can only hope it comes sooner rather than later. A number of well-qualified commentators, including George Mobus at predict an evolutionary bottleneck looming in our near future. Unless wise ("sapient") homo sapiens sapiens get ready for this, we may have to hand the planet over to another lifeform, giving them a chance to make a better job of peaceful, wisdom-based co-existence.

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