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12 April 2012


Aboc Zed

This is good one.

I like how you take stock of the predicament. If you have not discovered Dave Cohen and his blog "decline of The Empire - do so. He calls our planet Planet Stupid. Very much in line with your sentiment.

Yes population will decrease drastically over next 50 - 100 years. I think the max we will ever reach is some 10 billions and from there it is all downhill.

You know my take on when and how it will become sustainable so I will not repeat it here.

I am glad you ask these questions - it is a big step forward because most of the people are busys surviving or slavedriving - they have no time to think about anything.

I wish yopu stay healthy and have a long life and contribute as much as you can towards humanity's learniong of itself and what will and will not work going forward.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Thank you AZ for your warm comments and the referral to Dave Cohen.

I must say that it's been an unexpected pleasure to have been in contact with you through these blogs, as it seems very rare to encounter someone with true intellect these days. I rue the day I took the wrong fork in the road, and left philosophical enquiry behind (except in my spare moments) to make my 'way' in this empty arid world of capitalism. Now that I have nothing left to offer that fake existence, I am returning to free thinking as the only way to survive the inanity of 'normal' life.

As I think the Russians say (please excuse any inadvertent misuse of language): dobroe utro and prorvjomsja!

Aboc Zed

Yes man, "prorvemsya!" is a good one.
I myself is thrust into a "job search" now and I know it is most likely not the last one. Although I think I will get another "job" I can imagine the future when I will not be so successful. I have a family to take care of - that is a dimension of life, like everything else has upside and downside. So if you are by yourself, take comfort that for happiness we only need a bowl of rice, a glass of watter and a conversation with a fellow human - the ingredients that are around us. Of course for most of men, over most of his life, the preference for intelligence conversation is with a woman, but it can be anyone. And many religions suggest "God" when there is no one around - a substitute to take you over the short time.
Even if I do not recommend long term optimism I am for the power of positive thinking - something I experienced in my life.
So I wish you to train your positive thinking muscle and employ it to the fullest.
- prorvemsya!

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Good luck with the job hunt, which is what we can happily call a 'necessary evil', especially when there is a family to feed.

As to intelligent conversation with a woman, exactly right! The biggest problem is how to interact intelligently without being diverted by biology. I think you understand me.

All the best and (thanks for the correction) prorvemsya!

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