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23 April 2012


Aboc Zed


Very thoughtful post about 'human condition'. I already suggested DH material for you but looks like it does not work.

Like you I was searching for meaning of life until one day I realized that that this very search is the problem. Now I suggest to all who search for meaning try the answer of "no meaning" and see where that leads.

People are social creatures. We absolutely need the warms of intellectually intimate conversation and knowing that there is another human being that cares about our well-being at least to the equel degree that human being cares about their own well being.

Life is about giving and receiving.

I wish you find someone who will be as giving as you are and they will want to give it to you and you would whant to give it to them. That way you both will be happy and healthy.

And life still will have no meaning.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

AZ you are truly wise, if I may be so bold. Thanks for your perceptive comments. And so interesting! Hmmm... "try no meaning"... yes, why not? Just like a captain of a ship who is fighting the trade winds and losing, sometimes it's best to do the opposite. I think psychologists call it a "paradoxical injunction".

I will try your suggestion and report back with any enlightenment received. As for your advice on the need for the warmth of intellectually intimate conversation with a.n. other, I am working on this. It's been rather a long-term project.

All the best, Oliver

Aboc Zed

Yes keep documenting your thoughts and experiences. There is very few people who can be critical of themselves and the dogma they have received from the parents, loved ones and peers.

I enjoy your writing a lot and it fills me with warmth to know you exist.

As Tony Horton says in P90X videos: "Do your best and forget the rest!"

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