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01 May 2012


Aboc Zed


This one is good on an emotional level and as a wake-up yell. On the other hand I think it is inadequate in the choicce of words.

I know you use irony here when you say "choice" but it sort of stops so abruptly that leaves a reader slightly confused. At least it had such effect on me.

so I feel this piece is incomplete.

Additionally I am not quite sure how there could be 'apologists' for current trends in human behaviour. English is not my first language but this construction somehow does not feel right. I am not quite sure that trends in behaviour can or cannot have apologists. Also when you use word "current" it hints that what you are talking is recent phenomenon. I would argue it has been in place for as long as history exists.

When you say that talking about "edge over other species" is somehow less than intelligent you forget that language itself and the human predicament are the categories of the human condition that by definition is anthropocentric.

I do not think we will find out any time soon if any non-human inntelligence exists. That is the wquestion similar to the question of wether extraterrestial life exists. Therefore since we will not have a basis of comparison it is hard for us to evaluate ourselves as a species against a criteria that would not be "tainted" with anthropocentric worldview.

The most we can do is to think about biology and note that all lifeforms are governed by genetic imperative to survive and keep on living.

Our intelligence and even sapience is merely an adaptation in that process that facilitates complexity of organization as we define it.

I thionk you would agree that mankind is catching up in terms of learning the language and proper ways of talking about the process from single cell to multicellular sexual reproduction and eventually genus homo that is on top of the food chain.

AS much as I share into your emotions about 1% on top from my position of being close to the bottom when I think about the process over geological timeframe I cannot but note that such emotion only cloud the understanding and push us towards language constructions that do not clarify but obstruct our ability to forecast immediate and distant future.

I really admire your dedication to thinking on behalf of organism whole. You are calling attention to the fact that our common destiny is not what each of us would want individually if we could pick what we want.

On the other hand it is important to recognize that conversation that is accusational and "us" vs. "them" in styl;e by way of its structure will always undermine the goal of acting collectively in the best interest of all: top and bottom included.

I hope you will kepp reading and writing and eventually come up with a voice of your own that will serve the mankind well and will be preserved into the future by way of it being most relevant to the unraveling destiny.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Thanks for your thoughtful comments AZ. I think I have employed too much irony in this piece, which was meant to be light-hearted about a serious topic.

I was really making the point that us humans (as a collective) go around thinking we are masters of the universe, but in fact we are rather powerless to change the course of events that is already underway. I was being "tongue in cheek" with the idea that we have many options available, but in fact they are only variations of a single option - to fall off the edge of a cliff of our choosing - or just hide under the bedclothes and pretend nothing is happening.

My use of the term 'apologist' is acceptable in this context. I am referring to those people who aver that everything is fine and we humans are victorious - winners of the evolutionary battle of survival. To me, this is egotistical blindness verging on arrogance.

Finally, as for my 'them versus us' style, I find I cannot easily include everyone on this planet in the 'best interest' category. The 'top' has had it their own way for too long. I believe some surgery is required to eliminate the cancer that is killing our future, and by cancer I am referring to the psychopaths of greed who are incapable of feeling the misery of the masses crushed under their $500 boots.

Of course, any French Revolution style of revenge against the ruling class is ultimately doomed to failure, because human nature is such that the new rulers will again become dizzy and corrupted by power, and go on to repeat the cycle of repression and grand larceny that denotes Homo sapiens 'leadership'.

All the best to you and your family, Oliver

Aboc Zed

thanks for the clarification

it works "better" for me

i am glad you understand that "revolution" would not work

i then still not quite comfortable with your use of words like "cancer", "incapable of feeling the misery of masses" and other highly 'loaded' words

to me holding those people responsible for so called 'sins" of 'human nature' does not make much sense from the logical stand point

i would only hold them responsible for not learning how our socio-economic system came to be the way it is in light of our evolutionary origins and what understanding of the evolutionary past can tell us about evolutionary future

and even that would be too much to ask since death of curiosity under the comforts of being on top is also our human nature - we cannot blame them for being comfortable and only caring about continuation of status quo

it will take selection pressures of collapse and die off to change the proportion of those who can think no matter what versus those who cannot think under intoxicating power of being on top

and that is why we are saying that over evolutionary horizon that is of hundreds of thousands of years change in human nature happens slowly - neither you nor me will see it in our lifetime

good luck to you in everything you do



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