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14 May 2012


Aboc Zed

This is the good one.

Good job Oliver!

Maybe some of the sleeping can be awaken by your words. On the other hand if they get to your writing then they aere not so sleepy by definition.

Either case it is good you write this. If it only helps you it is worthwhile.

I always say that each of us should first try to make themselves happy.

And that seems to be happening. Only we all have different ideas of "happy".

And from Nature's perspective all those ways of making oneself happy are equally pointless.

Whether we happy or not does not matter and if some are happy by pigging out and some by inflating their egos and some by quietly acquiring knowledge without sharing it with anyone in the end it is all boils down to replicating DNA - for as long as the nuclear fusion reaction is going on inside the star by the name "SUN"

Great post and keep up writing.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Thank you AZ. You are very kind to say this.

It is a very interesting paradox about trying to be happy. In my experience, one person's happiness often seems to cause another person's unhappiness. And someone who puts another person's happiness above their own, such as in a personal relationship, can end up feeling quite unhappy. (I am familiar with this situation.)

Anyway, as you say, Nature is oblivious to all this angst. Wouldn't it be nice to be a tree? To be a tree and just "be"!

Best wishes, Oliver

Aboc Zed

In the days befor I finally did my "homework" I used to go from one deprecion to another always looking for "solution" to my "problem of unhappiness". All until my first marriage collapsed some 10 years ago. The soul searching that ensued helped me to realize that it is not possible to make someone happy if they do not want to be happy. I also figured out that having expectations is the sure path to disappointment. Finally my views of what it means to give and receive love have changed. I managed to see that most of the beliefs I had in my mind were there by accident and it could not be any other way simply because it takes time and experience to become truly "self-aware". Over the year that followed my marriage collapse I thoroghly examined all my beliefs and got rid of most that were not being confirmed my direct ecxperience. Morover I understood that the very process that forms beliefs puts one at a disadvantage relative to always changing environment. Now I believe in having no beliefs. In permanence of change. And the loving nature of soulless and heartless emptiness of space. I like to laugh at my ego whenever I detect it being hurt by criticism of my actions or inactions by people around me. I like to think that with every bit of information I learn I find how hopelessely infinite is Uknown. And that makes me happy because I know that I will never ran out of learning opportunities. And by sharing what I have learnt with others I stay connected with the source of learning: life. All of that makes me aware of how precious each moment is and how soon it will be my time to become dust again. With that I am in the moment all the time, in the flow , focused on here and now. Neither happy nor unhappy. Just being what I am and keep learning what that is thru the reflections of others. Like a tree. Or a rock. Or a falling leaf.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

AZ, I try to avoid saying "wow" but ... wow! I thank you for this brilliant insight. Every sentence is packed with wisdom.

You have taught me more in these few words than I have picked up from reading about Buddhism and other "live in the moment" texts.

I am going to get to the bottom of my problems with 'Love' and 'Happiness', which it seems you have already done. Thanks for the steer.

All the best, Oliver

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