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14 June 2012


Aboc Zed


Thanks for this post. I am glad you did it. I do not know how many others read your posaats but I enoy your writings a lot.

Generally speaking I do not like quoting dead people.

I simply think that they could not possibly mean what we put in their words now.

On the other hand I know that 'human condition' has not changed much since the first caveman expressed frustration about the blade not coming out as he wanted it or about his friend suddenly going cold and stiff making him to going hunting alone in the morning or not being able to carry all the game back to women and children.

In other words we all keep doing and talking 'same old, same old'.

Your choice of quotes is superb.

Very rarely I approve of "quoting" but in this case I do.

And the ice cream part is the cherry on the top.

Thanks again and keep on writing.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Thanks as always AZ for your kind comments.

I too have no idea how many others stumble across my postings. I have an aversion to using google tools to find out, because that company makes me nauseous, along with facebook and sundry other marketing-by-sledgehammer organisations.

I merely focus on expressing myself here, and by commenting on other people's blogs (thanks again for referring me to them!)

Our species continues to rush down the slope, causing no little stress on my pondering brain. Fortunately, there's still ice cream in the food chain for the moment, and I even think I saw a glistening cherry escape from a fruit shop and roll down the road in delight. :-)

All the best to you and your family.

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