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20 October 2012


Aboc Zed


Illustrates survival of the fittest.

Soon the Homo Sapiens Sapiens wil become unfit then it will go extinct as well.

Compassion is opossible when there is ability to register and understand.

Compassion leads to sharing the pain of others.

The collective pain is so huge that if one allows himself to share it that burden will surely kill him.

That what depression is.

And that is how life gets ridf of the unfit.

The same ability to understand that yield to compassion should also bring a breake to taking in more pain than one can handle.

In this case one keeps on going and contributes his or her genes of awareness understanding and compassion to the pool from which eventually the Homo Cogitans emerge and become true stewards and protectors of all life-forms on the planet including themselves.

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