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07 November 2012


Aboc Zed

Good but smells of disgust, disappointment, disillusionment and dispair.

And I say those emotions or the aftertaste of them are not necessary among those who understand and accept the Universe as it is.

Our likes and dislikes are entirely man-made and only relevant to the extent they are within the bounds of the trajectory of evolutionary process.

When homo cogitans finally take over the scortched planet from homo sapiens they will not be amotional about their past but will focus all their energy on how to manage their own numbers and create and maintain the environment in which ignorant new-borns are raised to become truly eusocial Homo Cogitans.

We are long way to go to that moment in the distant (or not so distant future) but we still can contribute to it (which you already do with your own learning and rebroadcasting findings of others).

I think we should save our emotional energy for that not waste it on negative amotions of pittying ourselves or being dissappointed to be the instance of Homo Sapiens.

I think you have all the right to be proud to be, even in small, but nonetheless material, degree different by registering and reacting to what you observe.

You are one of the Homo Sapiens at its best as transitional form to Homo Cogitans.

This is what we should celebrate and remind ourselves everytime we are dragged down by the sight of the "scortched planet" and manifestation of dictum "homo homini lupus est"

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